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design + build

As a licensed home designer and builder, custom homes are what we do best. With The Gorham Group you get to be as involved as you like in your build. Whether you are on site every day or just a few times a month, we'll ensure your home turns out exactly the way you dreamt it.


At The Gorham Group, we build all of our foundations with Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF). ICF creates a fully insulated concrete wall for either your foundation or your entire home, providing excellent insulation and structural integrity.

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Septic Systems

The Gorham Group designs and installs septic systems.  Whether it's a brand new system or a replacement for an old one, we're here to help.

Excavation & Site Preparation

The Gorham Group will take care of marking out your site (getting your approval before we dig!) and excavating space for your basement, foundation, swimming pool, or anything else you have in mind!

While we're at it, we'll make sure your services (think water, sewer, hydro, gas, septic, etc.) have the appropriate trenches. Need someone to install the services themselves? We can help with that too.

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Custom Build
Septic Systems
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